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It's nice to meet you. My name is Leanne Marks and I am the passionate owner and creator behind Endless Possibilities Floral Designs. My initial obsession for flowers first came to me in high school, where I started my journey of creating beautiful floral arrangements at a local flower shop. This is where I was able to learn and engage in the basics of floral design. From this local flower shop I went on to accomplish a business diploma at NAIT. Creating floral arrangements has always been a passion of

mine; the vivid colors, textures and fragrance

truly enhance my love for flowers. The joy 

that my floral creations bring to my clients is

always a rewarding experience,  brightening

up peoples lives when they need it the most is

what drives my creative energy. My main 

priority is to understand  my customers style

and then, design to execute their vision. I 

would love to work with you, and help execute

your  dream floral arrangements. 

Hi !

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